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Know Me and My Mission

With more than 31 years in federal service and the last 10 years devoted to working with the award-winning FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) Money Smart for Young Adults Program, I have helped numerous people with their finances. Through my endeavor, which I have named Mary Bass’ Financial Education in a Jar, I hope to fulfill my mission by firstly educating people in Washington, DC, especially the young ones, on free financial literacy curriculums offered by the US Government.

My services were designed to equip young adults, parents, and children between pre-kindergarten to grade 12 with the primary requirements of becoming financially successful.

You Can Trust Me

Aside from having degrees (MPA and BA) from the University of Mississippi, I am currently enrolled in the New York Film Academy's Screenwriters Program, and I am also working to complete a Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Stanford University. With my experience, knowledge, and credentials, you can guarantee that what you will learn from me will substantially benefit you long term.

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